ACC is an excellent multipurpose center right at your door step which has plenty to offer every one.Small and large business can greatly benefit from the number of facilities we offer. Located near the hub of international corporate activity, our convention center is the perfect place to host seminars, meetings and conferences.

At Arkay Convention Center, comprehensive meeting and banquet facilities are designed to accommodate up to 100 guests. Here at ACC, meetings can be held in an atmosphere conducive for creative thinking, problem solving and top level decision making. ACC is committed in providing the best facilities and services that are contemporary and versatile.


State of the Art Facility
Some facilities that are provided in the center are not to be found anywhere else in the city. We have the biggest 95″ Interactive board. Interactive board helps the speaker in effective presentation and also impacts the audience in a big way. Apart from this, the center has an excellent PA system and also LCD projector facilities. You can also relay the program live on the Internet or on Facebook with our Hi-Tech low cost Webcasting Portal. Also, Video Conferencing can be done on prior request.
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